Regional Days in the Desert

The entire staff of Kvinna till Kvinna working in the MENA region gathered for our annual regional days. It’s not often we get an opportunity to meet – so our coordinators that sit in our headquarters in Stockholm, along with our regional manager, our head of communication, were there. And our field representatives and local staff in our field offices were all gathered.

This year we all travelled to our colleagues in Jordan, the first days in Amman, and then packing or bags yet again for a trip out south to the desert to an eco-friendly lodge. We arrived in the evening, after a bumpy road that turned some of our stomachs. The candles of Feynan lit up the darkness, welcoming us with its warmth. The white and yellow clay house with its small windows looked like a scene from A thousand and one night, a serene silence and sanctuary feeling that made us all think it was worth the hours of travel.

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