“Police have a Mission, If you feel threatened, don’t hesitate to call!”

On November 25th, Kvinna till Kvinna’s Lebanese partner organization KAFA launched their 16 Days Media Campaign on “the Role of the Internal Security Forces (ISF) in Combating Family Violence” under the Violence Against Women project with ISF, at the ISF head quarter in Beirut. The event was attended by high ranking representatives from foreign missions and the UN, officials from Lebanese ministries, as well as the judicial, security, civil and media sectors in Lebanon.

Poster of Kafa's White Ribbon campaign

Poster of Kafa’s White Ribbon campaign

The media campaign “We have a Mission, If you feel threatened, don’t hesitate to call” aims at rebuilding trust between women victims of violence and the ISF, and informing the public on the ISF’s ongoing preparations to provide women with the protection they need.

UNFPA and the Italian Embassy and Norwegian Embassy had also been significant supporters of the collaboration project with ISF, but KAFA especially pointed out the partnership with Kvinna till Kvinna as being very important for their work. Hearing leading officers of ISF, such as the acting General Director and several Generals,  talking about how violence against women is damaging on so many levels of society and pledging to support KAFA’s work – by having the police force trained on adequate ways of protecting and responding to women who report violence and abuse – was most inspiring. Training certificates were also awarded to police officers who are currently training other ISF officers on the issue of family violence, and an air of pride and seriousness filled the hall.The entire police force will be carrying the white ribbon pin to prove their support of the campaign, and that they are approachable and prepared for women in need of help.

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