About JohannaEdvinsson

Intern at the communications department at Kvinna till Kvinna. Working with a photo project and the photo bank called Qbank.

Six Days

I want to change the normal!

Do you think it is normal for a woman not to have any education what so ever, resulting in no job and not being able to provide for herself nor her children?

Do you think it is normal to, as a young girl, be afraid when walking to school because you might end up being pulled in to a car by men, locked in to a house and eventually forced into marriage?

Do you think it is normal, that if you as a woman are considered not to be behaving correctly in your own home, a suitable punishment is to be lit on fire or beaten or even killed?

Do you think it is normal to, as a woman, overhear your husband on the phone talking about how he will go about killing you?

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