Safety on the streets of Tirana, Albania

That day I finished work around 5 pm. As it often happens after work, I met with a friend and had a nice chat in front of warm cup of tea. We sat in the fancy part of the city where mostly foreigners used to visit. From that part of view, city looks pretty safe and that everything is going ok, which gives a whole (would say wrong) impression for the country as well.

As part of society we forget that is only a superficial opinion, partial and only the top of iceberg. The area around just a bit outside of that central part will give another impression, like you are opening another chapter of a different book. Tirana I might say is an alive city, people enjoy drinking (not getting drunk), chatting, laughing and sharing a lot of joy with each other.

Everything was looking so peaceful until I left this environment not later than 7 pm. I was walking with my friend enjoying the fresh air together until certain spot where we had to say goodbye and take different directions. Steps became faster, walking was becoming running until I reached a crossroad where I have to turn on the left to go towards my home.

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RBM approach as a reporting tool

On 18th of January 2013 Albanian team of Kvinna till Kvinna gathered all partner organizations (PO:s) in a Result Based Management Workshop (RBM) in Tirana, Albania. The workshop was held in the countryside of Tirana, Peza, a peaceful and relaxing area, which helped the participants to be more focused and concentrated on the topic with the aim to have a better result in the end of the day.

The facilitators of the workshop were Silvia Primerano (Field Representative), Renata Cenko ( Programme Officer) and a special guest from SIDA Rezarta Katuci (representative of the Swedish Government). First a short introduction was presented about the agenda of the day, going on with hopes and expectations. And to be more interactive Silvia introduced an exercise: “What do you think about when I say ‘results’?“ Through this exercise it was given a lot of inputs and different meanings like change, improve etc. Later on Rezarta shared a presentation about the Swedish Government experience on using RBM. This presentation was very helpful, clear and highly appreciated from the participants.

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I love Albania…

Recently we were having the big days for Albania Independence and Liberation days, in 28th and 29th of November. This year the independence day had much more meaning because of the 100th Anniversary of Independence. Historically independence day, November 28, Turkish rule of Albania was ended with the Balkan War, after which a proclamation of independence was made on November 28, 1912.

Liberation Day, November 29, on this day in 1944 at the end of the World War II, liberation from German and Italian troops was proclaimed. Albania declared independence from the Ottoman Empire 100 years ago, on November 28, 2012 and the government has promised to celebrate it with gusto.

One of the declarations that our prime minister declared was: A mass of 1000 lambs to be slaughtered for the big celebration. After hearing this in news and everywhere in our coffee places, I got inspired to protest with my pencil at least… Here comes in article which I wrote during those days of the celebrations:

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