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17 May, IDAHO – Georgian society showed its embedded ‘hospitality’ and ‘tolerance’

My colleague and I went to Rustaveli Avenue, in Tbilisi, Georgia to join a flash mob marking International Day of Homophobia and Transphobia. We went there early, we wanted to see counter-protesters who started rally early in the morning.

* Rally of Priests and the parish walking towards old Parliament building

While Nelly and I were standing in the street with lipstick and camera on witnessed an incredible hate and violence today! We saw thousands of people walking towards old parliament building, clergy, priests, the parish, ordinary people, and saw even school children brought to the venue by school mini-buses. These people were walking proudly as if they were celebrating something. They were shouting: ‘Death to faggots’, ‘We protect our children from the disease of faggots’, ‘all faggots should be killed and stoned to death’, ‘we are here to show our religion and morality’; Exactly, as if hate and violence is part of Christianity and Christian Values.

I decided to inject into the crowd of homophobes who were already having manifestation in front of the old Parliament building. I was among them hearing and watching everything that I did not want to hear. Women, men, young girls and boys, elderly people – all together were standing there with nettle and waiting for homosexuals to hit them with nettle, saying that since they are not allowed to use iron or wooden sticks they will use nettles to hit ‘faggots’.

It was a manifestation of hate, violence, aggression! It was a pure representation of general public!

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Meeting of the UN Gender Theme Group

GTG meeting, Tbilisi, GeorgiaOn 25 April UN held a Gender Theme Meeting in Tbilisi that was devoted to key challenges for LGBT activism in Georgia. This time the meeting was facilitated by Sara Laginder, Kvinna till Kvinna’s field representative in the South Caucasus region. The Gender Team Group (GTG) meeting was attended by different donor foundations working in Georgia.

Key objectives of the meeting were to familiarize the GTG with the issues and challenges faced by LGBT communities and activists in Georgia; secure support from the GTG for the International Day of Homophobia and Transphopbia (IDAHO) events foreseen around 17 May through statements, participation, mentioning the events with relevant government officials to ensure political support and security of the participants, and to identify some entry points and opportunities for further partnership.

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