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Proud to be a woman – in Kosovo

Living in Kosovo entails in itself facing many difficulties on daily basis in all spheres of life, and as a woman, these life difficulties become even more apparent.

However there are days when all the life difficulties disappear, vanish from the face of earth and all what is left within is strong feelings of love, solidarity, accomplishment, inspiration … Today was one of these days. Not an ordinary day.  A day when something happens, and one feels moved. Today was one of the four days of the regional feminist festival “Femmes Fatales” in Prishtina organised by our partner organisation Artpolis, with participants from Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia.

This festival has given me lots of emotions through performances, photo exhibitions, documentaries, poetry, music – all produced by women.

Courageous women who told their stories … their war … their dreams!

Women who enabled these stories to be heard … shedding light into women’s lives, women’s issues, women’s rights and building bridges of understanding, solidarity and friendship across ethnic, gender and other boundaries and YES, making a change!

Inspiring women who made me forget the difficulties … women who made me proud to be a kvinna in Kosovo, proud to have been working jointly with them  kvinna till kvinna (woman to woman).

Text and Photos: Yllka Soba/Kvinna till Kvinna – Field Office Kosovo


Ana Ćurčin – ACT Women, Serbia.


Photo exhibition on violence against women “You don’t kill a woman this way” by artists from Albania, Montenegro, Canada.


Documentaries and launching of “Beyond HIStory” – Kosovo Oral History Initiative Website by Kosovo Women’s Network, Kosovo and New School University,US (www.oralhistorykosova.org)


Presentations and discussions – Activism and Art in the Balkan region.




Young feminists in Kosovo set a good example

“Mrs President we ask from you to implement the recommendations we have written during the Regional Young Feminist Forum” said a student, Fjolla Vukshinaj in a confident voice at a meeting hosted by the President of Kosovo, Atifete Jahjaga. Sometimes, the strength that comes from within the young women is surprising and inspiring at the same time. And I thought to myself, this is the new spirit of the women’s movement, this is what we should continue focusing on, support and empower.


Photo by the Photographer of the Kosovo Presidency

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Feminist Festival “Femmes Fatales” in Kosovo

The Feminist Festval “Femmes Fatales” was organized in Kosovo in the end of May by Kvinna till Kvinna’s partner organisation Artpolis. One the program was, among other things, the performance “Crossing the Line”, that evoked lots of emotions among the audience affected by the war. The play was set up by DAH Teatar, Serbia and deals with the past, showing stories from women during the Balkan wars. The stories are taken from the book “Women’s Side of War” published by Women in Black, also supported by Kvinna till Kvinna. The performance was well accepted and it received good comments.

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