Aid meant for victims of domestic violence goes to the perpetrator

The Albanian team of Kvinna till Kvinna is going through final narrative reports of partner organizations. One of our partners in Vlora, Vatra, is highlighting a decision of the Council of Ministers regarding economic aid to victims of domestic violence, which is very problematic. Please have a look at the decision:

“By Decision of the Council of Ministers, in 2012 the economic aid scheme was expanded by including in it even the victims of domestic violence. In the framework of this decision, victims of domestic violence can benefit the economic aid during the period of validity of the Protection Order or Immediate Protection Order. Victims of violence receive this payment from the Office of Economic Aid and Social Services at the Municipality.”

Approval of the decision was a very positive step for the assistance of victims of domestic violence, but on the other hand, what remains as a problem in the city of Vlora is the fact that this payment is made only to victims with Protection Order who have been living in Vlore not less than 20 years. The rest is excluded from the benefit of such payment.

Another problem victims of domestic violence encounter is that when they receive economic aid from the Municipality or Commune, the right to withdraw the payment is only of the head of the family, who in most cases is the husband. When the perpetrator in the family is the husband and the victim of domestic violence decides to separate de facto or de jure from the perpetrator, during separation it is only the husband that as head of the family receives this economic aid, since the victim of domestic violence has no right to withdraw it.

It is very absurd that men who violate their wives in the end are the ones benefiting from the social system.

Women´s organizations need to be supported in their fight against these kind of social contradictions.

Kvinna till Kvinna team in Albania

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