RBM approach as a reporting tool

On 18th of January 2013 Albanian team of Kvinna till Kvinna gathered all partner organizations (PO:s) in a Result Based Management Workshop (RBM) in Tirana, Albania. The workshop was held in the countryside of Tirana, Peza, a peaceful and relaxing area, which helped the participants to be more focused and concentrated on the topic with the aim to have a better result in the end of the day.

The facilitators of the workshop were Silvia Primerano (Field Representative), Renata Cenko ( Programme Officer) and a special guest from SIDA Rezarta Katuci (representative of the Swedish Government). First a short introduction was presented about the agenda of the day, going on with hopes and expectations. And to be more interactive Silvia introduced an exercise: “What do you think about when I say ‘results’?“ Through this exercise it was given a lot of inputs and different meanings like change, improve etc. Later on Rezarta shared a presentation about the Swedish Government experience on using RBM. This presentation was very helpful, clear and highly appreciated from the participants.

Going on in concrete tasks, identifying two results from each organization for the work during 2012, PO:s were divided into three groups respectively, two of them working on “Women peace and security” and another one in “Women´s participation and decision making”. The representative of the first group came up with a lot of similar results as far as they are working on violence against women. Apart from that they had results which were shared specifically from each organization. Because of that, each representative of the organization presented specific results for their own organization.

This way of presentation was very efficient and productive because during presentations it was possible to clarify indicators, outcomes, outputs, results with real examples from their daily work experience. Slowly the day was ending and we could loudly say that we achieved results, expectations and hopes of the day. This was proofed through the evaluation forms as well and received a lot of positive feedbacks. To sum up it was very inspiring day, full of positive energy around, a warm atmosphere and laughs were among our results as well.

Julina Canga

Stöd Kvinna till Kvinna! Vi stärker kvinnor i krig och konflikter för att kvinnors makt och inflytande ska öka. Ditt stöd är nödvändigt för att vi ska kunna fortsätta göra det.

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