Time to set the agenda!

Kvinna till Kvinna and partner organisations from the Western Balkans finalise preparations for the consultations with EC DG Enlargement. (Directorate-General of the European Commission – responsible for the enlargement process of the European Union.) Meanwhile they met a representative of the Permanent Representation of Sweden to the EU in Brussels.

Picture: Meeting with Efraim Gomez and delegation from Western Balkans.

“Too many policies, strategies and papers and too little implementation” was the general conclusion of the twelve representatives of women’s Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), Kvinna till Kvinna’s partners from five Balkan countries that were part of the initial meetings today.

As part of the advocacy work towards EU, Kvinna till Kvinna and partner organisations from the Western Balkans for five years in a row take part in the consultations between the EC DG Enlargement* and the Civil Society that are each year held in Brussels. The strengthened focus of Kvinna till Kvinna as a political partner to local women’s organisations combined with the increased presence and importance of EU in the region brings us back to Brussels this year again.

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National Anti-Trafficking Taskforce in Liberia Meets Civil Society


Thomas Hessius Ekman, swedish polis working as UNPOL adviser on trafficking.

Human trafficking is not a topic that is well known in Liberia. Most persons, or even organizations that might get into contact with it, do not know what it is or what it means. However, one should not confuse the lack of knowledge of trafficking with a belief that it does not exist in Liberia, because it does. It was with excitement that we heard about the new (or rather resurrected) National Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force that has been formed to fight trafficking.

When explaining what trafficking is most Liberians identify the practice of taking children from rural villages to larger towns against promise of a better life, as trafficking. Some have heard of cases of small children being sold, or young boys being taken across the border to go to Quran schools. When we dig deeper we begin to see that yes, there is more going on in Liberia too. Women,  and boys and girls are trafficked for different purposes and to different destinations. They are abused, mistreated, and the perpetrators have almost complete impunity as there is no precedent for prosecuting against human trafficking in Liberia.

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