Happy 20 years anniversary, dear KTK!

Today, the Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation (KTK) celebrates the 20  years anniversary of its establishment and I take this chance to express my admiration for the passion and commitment the foundation demonstrates to support women during their tough time, times of war and conflicts.

Mainly, KTK collaborates with women’s organizations who play an active part in peace and rebuilding processes, in several countries who go through conflicts and political turbulence, assuring that women are great agents of peace.

As a young lady who experienced living through a war – 1994 civil war in Yemen- I can’t stress enough on the importance of achieving peace. Wars don’t just kill people and destroy properties, it also destroy souls. In the wake of wars, what it is even more saddening is the violence that follows and unfortunately women are the ones who suffer the greatest harm.

Having said that, how can one not admire foundations such as KTK which works passionately in investing in peace!

Happy 20 years anniversary, dear KTK!

Photo: ©Kvinna till Kvinna/Sara Lüdtke