“Violence against women – not a problem here in Kamza”

Stop violence against women

Picture in Women Forum’s office Elbasan, Albania saying “Stop violence against women”. Photo: Kvinna till Kvinna/Anna Sundén

The afternoon breeze is hot as we arrive in Kamza area in the outskirts of Tirana. I am in Albania together with Kvinna till Kvinna colleagues to participate in the annual International Human Rights Film Festival. This event brings together human rights activists, students, cineastes, as well as public officials from Albania and abroad. We are here to discuss and reflect on the theme of “violence against women” throughout a few intense days.

We enter a tall, but surprisingly empty building, where our panel discussion on “Violence against women – a men’s issue?” is soon to begin. I see a few men hanging around by the entrance and I invite them to join us. As the panelists start talking I notice that there are both men and women in the audience. A sigh of relief runs through me. The worst case scenario would be that we are here to talk about the role of men – without any men in the audience.

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