Snapshots from Macedonia

“Skojpe 2014″ aiming to bring the lost soul back to Skojpe. Over 40 new monuments should give the city a classical ancient look. Photo: Kvinna till Kvinna/Johanna Arkåsen

Last week I went to Macedonia to meet partner organizations, other stakeholders and, of course, my colleague in Skojpe.

I met women and men who told me that their country is on it’s way down. The economy is going down, the political situation is not good, unemployment rate is very high and poverty is rising. Many women and men, young or old, see no future in the country.

The Swedish foreign minister, Carl Bidlt, tweeted about the political mess on February 17: “I’m deeply worried by the deepening divisions in Macedonia. Both sides have a responsibility to take their country off its dangerous path.”

In the Press Freedom Index 2013 Macedonia has fallen more than 20 places because of the arbitrary withdrawal of media licenses and deterioration in the environment for journalists.

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