RBM approach as a reporting tool

On 18th of January 2013 Albanian team of Kvinna till Kvinna gathered all partner organizations (PO:s) in a Result Based Management Workshop (RBM) in Tirana, Albania. The workshop was held in the countryside of Tirana, Peza, a peaceful and relaxing area, which helped the participants to be more focused and concentrated on the topic with the aim to have a better result in the end of the day.

The facilitators of the workshop were Silvia Primerano (Field Representative), Renata Cenko ( Programme Officer) and a special guest from SIDA Rezarta Katuci (representative of the Swedish Government). First a short introduction was presented about the agenda of the day, going on with hopes and expectations. And to be more interactive Silvia introduced an exercise: “What do you think about when I say ‘results’?“ Through this exercise it was given a lot of inputs and different meanings like change, improve etc. Later on Rezarta shared a presentation about the Swedish Government experience on using RBM. This presentation was very helpful, clear and highly appreciated from the participants.

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