Inclusion of LGBT persons – a question of women’s solidarity

LGBT workshop

Workshop in Bosnia on how to make organizations within the women’s movement accessible to all women. Photo: Lejla Huremovic and Marija Vuletic

– I think I will have to marry a gay man and pretend that it is my life, because my parents would never accept that I am lesbian.

– I would love to be able to tell my mother about my partner, but I don´t think she would ever accept that.

– My father is ok but my mother ignores it and pretends she doesn´t know about it.

The past days, I have heard these words been said in Bosnia and Herzegovina by lesbian women. I was invited to participate in a three-day partner meeting of Kvinna till Kvinna in the town of Doboj, where women’s and LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) organizations from all parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina gathered to discuss how to work together against multiple discrimination of women. The main focus of the meeting was how to make organizations within the women´s movement accessible to all women.

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