The Green Mountain

“Gendering the Egyptian Revolution” was not an easy subject to talk about. We had to tell the stories of women who fought before the revolution, who paved the way to things to happen” Doa Abdelaal Mohamed Mostafa. Photo: CURE

When I first got the invitation from Marija to attend PitchWise 2013 in Sarajevo I sat for 10 minutes starring at my screen. I had millions of thoughts in my head, which included of course issuing the visa, taking days off from work, but what topped my thoughts was how come I still feel this pain when I hear or read the name of the city.

Back in the 1990’s when I was an undergraduate student in Cairo University, the war in what is known then as Yugoslavia was one of the preferable topics for our professors to discuss. I remembered the endless discussions, the papers and the exams but mostly the pain.

What we were discussing was WAR, people dying, tortured and raped. The fear that thousands of women lived in and faced was scary for me. In a war, you are a killing machine or a victim nothing in between and either this or that you seize to be a human and your instinct to survive suppress any other feelings.

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Feminist Festival “Femmes Fatales” in Kosovo

The Feminist Festval “Femmes Fatales” was organized in Kosovo in the end of May by Kvinna till Kvinna’s partner organisation Artpolis. One the program was, among other things, the performance “Crossing the Line”, that evoked lots of emotions among the audience affected by the war. The play was set up by DAH Teatar, Serbia and deals with the past, showing stories from women during the Balkan wars. The stories are taken from the book “Women’s Side of War” published by Women in Black, also supported by Kvinna till Kvinna. The performance was well accepted and it received good comments.

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