Why Women Must Continue Solidarity with Egyptian Women

Photo: Mosa’ab Elshamy

It has been a tragic day, the Black Wednesday for Egypt yesterday. It’s heartbreaking to watch the mass killing of the hundreds of casualties from wherever political side they come from. Human beings’ lives come first before all the world’s politics. Considering all the conspiracy theories have been said, it’s also important to condemn the burning of churches that happened across the country. The world was in disbelief to see such a rise in violence and hatred in Om Aldonia, Egypt. “Will Egypt turn into another Syria? Unlikely. Egypt is neither a sectarian state – it never has been, even with 10 per cent of its people Christian – nor an inherently violent one,” writes acclaimed journalist, Robert Fisk.

Undoubtedly, yesterday’s tragic events, along with the current unresolved conflict between the Muslim Brotherhood and the Army, affect all Egyptians, women, men and children. It’s hard to comprehend that armoured cars and bulldozers rolled into two camps on opposite sides of Cairo, with tear gas deployed and used live bullets, while there were among the demonstrators women and children. Whoever committed those atrocities must be hold accountable.

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Sexual Harassment Kills

No to Sexual Harassment

While living in Yemen, I used to get harassed a lot. There is unspoken agreement among males that females are second class citizens. Hence, females are always subjected to sexual harassment on a daily biases while they are at public spaces.  After college I gained more confidence and started to defend myself whenever I get harassed. “Stop it! otherwise, I will turn this bus upside down if you continue, you moron.” I used to yell to harassers at the public transportation.

Two days ago, Shorouq al-Turby, an Egyptian young lady, was killed after a harasser run over her with his car after she tried to defend herself (read here). That was the price of her bravery. No legal action has been done so far by Egypt’s government in regard of that. Justice has not been served for Shorouq’s lost soul. I can’t get Shorouq out of my head and I think girls around the world must also not get her out of their heads. It could have been me, you, her, or any other woman in the world.

Rest in peace Shorouq and may we continue the fight for you and all females in the world!