Another day… another focus

Tomma gator i Gaza. Foto: Kvinna till kvinna/ Anna Levin

We wake up to another day of the news mill cranking out information on Gaza:  the number injured, who started it, when they started it, what the world leaders say, how it will end…  I don’t want to trivialize this, but there is also another, a different side: that is the lives of people that go on in Gaza.

The lives of women continue under this difficult situation, and the role and responsibilities they hold don’t dissipate. Yet carrying on with these under such circumstances does not get reported – so this is what I want to tell you about in this blog.

Women are their children’s primary caregivers. Yet it’s a struggle to be strong and not to show your fear, when your children are afraid. “They tell me, ‘Be strong for your kids. But how can I when I am afraid’,” says Mona, one of the women I’ve spoken to.

The responsibility to provide daily needs for the children – food, medicines – falls on the women. So what to do when the streets are eerily silent as they have been over the last couple of days, no cars moving in the street and the idea of going outside far from an option. Naila tells me that her sister who lives in Gaza baked bread for the first time yesterday, since they had run out and she could not go out to buy.

Compared to deaths and rockets, this might seem less important. But others can speak about politics and statistics, for us it’s important to also remember those who carry on through this; to remember the special burden that falls on women who need to keep providing for and supporting their children and families in circumstances that make it more and more difficult.

Linda Öhman,
Kvinna till kvinna Field representative in Jerusalem

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Stöd Kvinna till Kvinna! Vi stärker kvinnor i krig och konflikter för att kvinnors makt och inflytande ska öka. Ditt stöd är nödvändigt för att vi ska kunna fortsätta göra det.

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