Women’s Rights Movement Unstoppable

The following is a piece I wrote for 100år event done in Norway to remark the 100 Year Anniversary of Norwegian women’s suffrage, this year. The piece sums up what I spoke about during the 100år seminar that took place last week, titled, “Power to Change: Strategies in Feminist and Human Rights Activism” .


Photo via Femen France

Just over the past two weeks, a 19-year-old Tunisian woman, identified only as Amina sparked massive controversy when she posted two photos of herself topless on the Femen Tunisian Facebook page (FEMEN is a women’s movement promoting women’s rights through  topless struggle). In one of the picture Amina posed while smoking a cigarette, baring her breasts and it was written across her chest “my body belongs to me and it’s not the source of anyone’s’ honor.” The purpose behind that was “to make the voice of the Tunisian women heard and protect them from suppression,” Amina told a local Tunisian press.

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